The technician performs troubleshooting, carries out power cycles, removes failed components, and handles storage media. The candidate also undertakes installations of hardware rack/stack, testing, cable installations, and resolves issues using standard processes of data centers, besides helping in moving and racking equipment.

Technicians assess, identify, and resolve cabling infrastructure systems and carry out repairs when needed. It is their responsibility to supervise and keep in check performance and capacity of systems.
Data center Deploy Technician
Technicians also install servers and switches in a data center. They should install and support wireless access points, IP Phones, power strips, and server cabs, among others.

Technicians should fix any device belonging to the data centers that need physical connectivity. They should insert and upgrade infrastructure management software of data centers to boost functionality and make it more user-friendly.    

Technicians should document records of all activities that happen in a data center. They should oversee the work of technicians, daily operations, and the relevant project hiring requirements.